Friday, September 24, 2010

New book: Digital Community, Digital Citizen

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Even though I have shifted my blog writing to the Committed Sardine, I thought I would send out an announcement about my new book about digital citizenship, Digital Community, Digital Citizen (Corwin Press). The official announcement appears below. Feel free to pass it on.

A note about availability. My book has been going in and out of stock due to demand. If the Amazon posting shows "3-4 weeks for delivery," know that typically it ships within a week.

Excerpts available for blogs and newsletters. You can download and use the Preamble of the book, titled "Our Choice for Our Children: Two Lives or One?" I am happy to provide other excerpts as well.


Announcing Digital Community, Digital Citizen (Corwin Press, 2010)

Digital Community, Digital Community (Corwin Press) looks at the rise of digital communities, the evolution of citizenship (local, global and digital), the complications (and opportunities) arising from kids communicating in cyberspace and how education can help prepare students for a world that will need them to use technology effectively, creatively and wisely.

Topics addressed: character education for digital kids, how school boards need to respond to everything from sexting to cyberbullying, how to help teachers and students "see" the technology that has become invisible to them and make wise choices about its use.

It’s available on Amazon. I also maintain a wiki about digital citizenship. After visiting it, if you decide you would like to be a contributor, just send me an email (

Excerpts are available for reprinting (in newsletters, blogs). You can download the book's Preamble, which addresses the question "Our Choice for Our Children: Two Lives or One?"

If you would like more to reprint than this please let me know.

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Dr. Jason Ohler, digital humanist //
Professor Emeritus, Educational Technology, University of Alaska

Author, Digital Community, Digital Citizen

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