Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Speaking at ISTE, Tuesday @ 3:45, Room 113

Hello everyone!

Speaking at ISTE

A few of you inquired, so I am posting the details about when I speak at ISTE:

Presentation Title: New Media, New Students, New Literacies, New Citizens - Transforming education through digital creativity (...they may have shortened the title on me; look for something close to this)

When: Tuesday, June 28th, afternoon- 3:45 - 4:45

Where: Room 113 B&C at the convention center

Where I am writing
Why I am writing
  • I can't stop myself.
New books?
Yes, I am co-authoring a book called Learning from Leonardo that will be out in late fall. It is all about what Leonardo da Vinci can teach us about how to thrive during our digital renaissance.

Where I might be writing - what do you think of theStreet.com?
I am mulling over an offer by theStreet.com to become a technology contributor, essentially a regular columnist. It's quite a commitment. Any feelings about the importance of theStreet.com in the greater world of ideas?

Where else am I speaking?
Great year coming up- Prague, Bangkok, Milan... check jasonOhler.com for more details.

See you at ISTE!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Ed Leadership article: Character Education for the Digital Age

Hello subTechst readers-

I continue to do most of my blog writing for the Committed Sardine Blog, but thought you would like to know about my article about digital citizenship and character education in the new issue of Educational Leadership. It echoes a number of points from my latest book, Digital Community, Digital Citizen.

You can read “Character Education for the Digital Age- Should We Teach Our Kids to Have Two Lives or One?” in Ed Leadership at: http://ow.ly/3On3S

Feel free to forward this to anyone you wish.

PS- Next book, due out hopefully by the holidays, is Learning from Leonardo: Creative Innovation in an Age of Global Digital Transformation. My co-author is Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts, award-winning documentarian and Leonardo Da Vinci historian.



Dr. Jason Ohler, digital humanist // www.jasonOhler.com
Professor Emeritus, Educational Technology, University of Alaska

Author, Digital Community, Digital Citizen